A Walk on the Dark Side with After Dark Parties

A Walk on the Dark Side with After Dark Parties – The Ultimate Girls Night In

Ok, you’ve been married or together for a while now and your love life has entered the oh so deadly “familiar” stage . Part of you really wants it to get better, part of you can’t be bothered because not having to be a cheerleading pretzel in bed is a welcome relief, but then you really do love your partner and want things to improve. So where to start?

Well I can almost guarantee you have tried the romantic candle lit dinner, the special present, or pulling out the latest “romantic” movie (read porn flick). Hey, they might work but let’s get inspired people, lets really shake things up!

Why not surprise the hell out of him with some landscaping of the downstairs kind. Ok, so Brazilian might be a bit scary, but a racing stripe is sure to get his motor running! After all, its hair, not dental floss. And that goes for guys too. Nothing wrong with a number 2, and if you need a bit of help, just ask!

Yes, lingerie is a classic, however how many of you saw Emma Stone in the recent chick flick “Easy A”? I tell you, those corsets she wore were to die for! Yes you could slink across the bed wearing one with a skimpy g-string, but what about putting it on underneath something you wear out. Let him see you put it on so he knows exactly how sexy you look. Then torture him all evening with sexy looks and air kisses with him knowing the exciting package he gets to unwrap once you get home. Talk about building the suspense!

And if you really want to create a buzz, check out some of the cool vibrating knickers you can get now. Give him the remote control and by the time dinner is finished you will both be breaking the land speed record to get home and get it on!

Remember there is no hard and fast rule, mixing it up a little and trying different things is great and keeps the suspense alive.

And the last golden nugget to remember is that the most important tool you have is your tongue. And I am talking about talking people. Communication is the key.
Sex is a healthy past time that releases stress and works every muscle in your body, so it is great exercise. It reduces aging and can clear a headache and can even boost your immune system.

And it feels good!

after Company Bio
After Dark Parties are a revolution in rescuing your relationship from the doldrums of a boring love life. We are Australia’s fastest growing party plan company featuring romantic and sensual products for women, men, partners, lovers or just for yourself. No longer do you have to venture to the local adult establishment in disguise, you can experience our sensual and erotic range of products and ask questions in the comfort of your own home.

We focus on creating the right atmosphere in your life and your home to encourage intimacy and opportunities for intimacy to occur. Our mission is to share the After Dark Parties belief that any woman can experience the prosperity of owning her own business, to share the products that will enhance any woman’s relationship and to share the philosophy of women helping women.

Our parties can be conducted for 5-15 people and last for approximately 1.5-2hrs in your home. Visit us at http://www.after-dark.com.au.
Personal Bio’s
Tarnya is an experienced service management consultant, qualified trainer and personal masseuse. Her extensive IT and management experience is put to good use managing the After Dark Parties head office. Tarnya also has her own personal story regarding her romantic and marriage experiences and how she saved her marriage and now has a loving and sensually rewarding relationship with her husband.

Kelly is an After Dark Party extraordinaire. Kelly’s knowledge and experience in the romantic and lifestyle industry is extensive, having worked in Canada for the last 5 years in this industry. Kelly’s parties are educational and fun, and will have you rolling on the floor begging for more. An After Dark Party with Kelly as your presenting Independent Consultant is not to be missed.

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