Is your business suffering from friend sabotage?

by Leanne Campbell, Passion Media Productions.

Is your business suffering from friend sabotage?

As a home business person it is difficult at times to determine if your doing the right thing in your business. This is because often there are not many people around us who support us, understand us and can give us constructive feedback or quite simply that we can trust! Businesses where your the only one in it are sometimes beset by our own worries and self doubt and we need to always work on keeping our views clear on what we are trying to achieve and not on our own negative self concerns. If your self taught in what you do and your always comparing yourself to others with training or better equipment then STOP! you are you and your abilities are yours and as long as your passion to be the best is there then you will always improve! On top of all of those hurdles we often feel the need to ‘help’ our friends within our business and welcome them in without interviewing them to see if they are the best person for the job!

In times of self doubt we sometimes are tempted to go to our friends for help and if they don’t believe in our business then the negative feedback can destroy our positive self image and also cloud our thoughts on what we need to do to grow and improve ourselves and our business. Of course not all friends will do this but there are a lot who mean well but are not of the same mind set and they can shake our self confidence to the point where we no longer believe we can do it and so our business either suffers or fails! To prevent this you either need to work out which of your friends can give you honest feedback with a mindset that you can and will do it or you need to find a network of people in a similar situation who can help you where there is a win win learning/encouraging environment between all of you.

The other area we can let ourselves damage our own business is in having friends help us. This one factor has destroyed many people’s business because most people expect their friends to have their back! The truth is most people only have their own backs. It is difficult to present a professional image if the person assisting you in your work is turning up late to scheduled times, if they don’t pass on contact details to you because they want them for their own interests or if they are unprofessional in attitude and actions. Don’t let this one most common mistake destroy your business!

If you have gone out into the world yourself in business it is up to you to protect yourself. If your business has been effected in any way and your gut instinct is telling you that a friend is sabotaging you in any way then do something about it before it becomes so big there is no recovery from it. Don’t lose your business and your friend because you didn’t protect either relationship when you saw the problems arise. If a friend is accidentally bringing down your confidence levels then decide not to discuss your business with them from now on. For friends working with you already you need to find a diplomatic way of letting them know you don’t need their help any more.

The biggest way a friend can sabotage your business is if you let them. I know this is hard to take but if you were looking at it from the outside you would see how your business and infact you yourself are suffering. Wake up and smell the coffee, see what is really happening…know who you are and develop yourself and your business. Friends can be the biggest hurdle a home business person needs to overcome but it is one of the most necessary! Do your friend and yourself a favor and make sure your healthy, happy and successful. Friends are meant to be friends not business workers. Who are you to go to for a quiet drink when a co worker is annoying you to cool down if your friend is that co worker??? Who do you go out with after a long tiring week of work to get away from it all if your friend is also your work mate??

Set yourself and your friends free so your business can soar!

Leanne Campbell
Passion Media Productions

Why Most Small Businesses are Failing at Getting Business Online, and How You Can Succeed at It

Most businesses look at the ‘Online’ marketing world and see it as the magic answer to solve all their business problems, so they go out build a ‘brochure’ website (which are not designed to get leads or customers) and sit back and expect the customers to come pouring in. The reality is that this just doesn’t happen.

Marketing your business online has massive potential leverage for business – it can work 24/7 marketing your business, anywhere in the world, but like offline marketing you need to put in work and have a successful working online marketing plan to get real, sustained results online.

There is so much “noise” out there on the internet today that it can be very hard to get traction online for most businesses, but that is where most consumers and businesses are searching to make purchases.

When marketing your business online you want to follow the PITT formula, which is:
Plan à Implement à Test à Tweak

First you want an online marketing strategy for you business, don’t just go out and run around the internet trying to market your business, have a clearly defined plan of how you are going to market and advertise your business online.

Where are you going to advertise? How often are you going to market? Where are you sending the visitors you are marketing to? How are you planning on converting these visitors once they are at your site?

Next you want to go out and implement the plan, and make sure you are testing all of your online marketing to see what is working and what is not working. Where is your traffic coming from and how is your site working to convert visitors into leads? Make sure you are tracking all stats for your marketing and your site so that you can easily see which of your marketing strategies are working and which aren’t.

Then ‘tweak’ – start making small changes to your site and to your marketing to improve your results. Making small changes and testing gets you ahead of the game and means that you are constantly improving your results online, and if something isn’t working, then that small change can simply be undone and there is no huge loss to your business.

Lastly, repeat the cycle to ensure you are always moving your business marketing forward. The biggest mistake I see most businesses make online, is that they try one thing online to market their business and it doesn’t work, so they give up. Getting results online for your business is about constant planning, implementation and tweaking.

So where is the best place to market?

Use a wide variety of advertising and marketing sources online, don’t just pick one source and focus all of your effort on that one source, because what will happen if that source suddenly disappeared?
The best place to market online really comes down to the business and who their target customers are. Not every online advertising and marketing strategy is going to work for every business – it is not a one size fits all thing, and the strategy needs to change for every business depending on their size and their target customers. That is why the testing and tweaking system is so important.

Businesses want to think about who their ideal client is and where are they hanging out online? What sites do they visit? What are they doing online?

If you are a business selling fishing gear, then go and find fishing hobby sites and forums where fishing enthusiasts are hanging out and go an interact with them to market your business.

Search engine advertising works well, as long as you have a website that is converting visitors, otherwise you are just wasting money.

Social Media is a fantastic source of potential customers, and is growing very fast. Many businesses are bringing in massive amounts of business via social media, but a lot of businesses are doing it completely wrong, and just wasting their time with it. Make sure if you go down the social media avenue to do your research on how to best market yourself and get business through social media.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great way to get free targeted traffic to your site without having to pay the search engines to send that traffic to your site. This can take time to get working (depending on your industry) and if you are in a competitive online industry it can be hard to get traction with this without the right knowledge or advice. The greatest key to getting great results in SEO is to do your research upfront to find the right keywords to target.

The online world can be very confusing and daunting to businesses that haven’t had much experience with it, but with a bit of research and action in the right direction, virtually any business can leverage their business online and be successfully getting business online.

Kim Baird
Online Results Expert at Amazing Business
Kim has been helping businesses to get real results online for their business for almost 10 years. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience both technically and also in sales and marketing which is key to her success at getting results for her clients. For more great information on how to get better results for your business online, or to find out how Kim can work with you to get results, visit the Amazing Business website

How to develop a visual presence for your small business.

Article by Leanne Campbell of Passion Media Productions.

Are you stuck in a back water because no one knows you exist? Well the problem could be that you have no audio/visual presence in the market!

In this world of technological savvy there are many home businesses that are not thinking big in terms of their advertising. Most do this because they believe that they cannot produce their own commercials for their business because it is too expensive. In times gone by this was definitely the case however nowadays it is a lot easier to make your commercials and there are other platforms to air them on than just the standard tv model.

The important thing is to get something about your business onto an audio/visual medium. If you know someone who is already doing Youtube vlogs with some editing skills then you could ask them to help you make one. This is by far the cheapest option but it can be a long and frustrating process. You need to make sure you are completely happy with the finished piece before you put it out into the public domain! That’s because that it lives forever out there in www land!

If you can’t get footage because no one you know has a video camera then take some amazing pictures and put them together in a slide show. Make sure they pages change quickly enough to keep interest but not so quickly that things can’t be read on screen. There is nothing worse than waiting for ages for a plain picture to change and then when the information comes the page whizzes by too quickly!

In saying that, THE single most important part of any good commercial is SOUND! if your sound is bad no one will watch it! For some reason your picture can be fuzzy but as long as the sound is good it will be watched but if the picture is crystal clear and the sound is bad then no one will watch it except maybe some die hard fans.

If you want some better quality exposure, the other option you have is to run an event and get the local media involved. If they come along and do an interview then you can use that to promote your business. Channel 31 have a lot of member groups and depending on the angle of your business story, may want to come and interview you about your business or event.

Start thinking about what you want said about your business and how you want it said then think about what position you are currently in to work out what option you can use now and just get started!

Leanne Campbell

Passion Media Productions

Leanne is the owner of Passion Media Productions, a local Melbourne business that produces movies, music video’s and also TV programs. She is an expert at producing quality audio visuals for small business.

Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki

I was given an opportunity to read and comment on Guy Kawasaki’s latest book which is called Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions. I was looking forward to reading the book because I enjoy his way of writing and he always offers something practical that you can apply straight away.

This book is no different.

Enchantment is all about making your clients and potential clients fall under your spell. It’s about making the process of interacting with you and your product an ‘enchanting’ experience.

He describes enchantment as “the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization, or idea” where the “outcome of enchantment is voluntary and long-lasting support that is mutually beneficial” (p. xix)

I don’t think there is anything really new in what the book has to say but what it will do is to show you why it’s so important that we polish up our human skills in this techno world of ours. It’s a lesson that a lot of business people need to relearn.

Guy tells us that to truly enchant people and build relationships with them we need to work on an emotional level, not business or technological. In fact, technology can work against you if you haven’t begun to show the real you. He says that we need to work on a basis of trust, integrity and honesty.

That shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone.

What the book does, though, is help readers to work out where to start in ‘becoming human’ again and it‘s simple but we’ve been so switched onto the connection channels that we’ve forgotten about the actual connecting.

He reminds us that business should be personal. We are dealing with people who have emotions, expectations, wants and needs. They aren’t case studies. You don’t need an MBA to talk to them. All you need is to spend the time to connect and listen.

Your time and your personality are investments in your business. Ask yourself when was the last time you felt enchanted by someone and then think about why you felt that way. The answer usually shows that we were enchanted by the genuine interest being shown in us. It’s flattering but it sets a firm basis on which to build a relationship.

One of the biggest points made in the book is that enchantment isn’t something you can do alone. You only have so many hours in the day. Enchantment needs to be in your processes and held together by your systems and your community. It needs to be a thread that runs through everything you and your organisation do. That’s what will keep people enchanted.

“The goal of enchantment is a long-lasting change – not a onetime sale or transaction.”

Read the book. Read the stories he has included and read the tips. It’s written in his usual chatty style and there are dollops of plain talking and practical advice throughout.

The Entrepreneur Mindset

Article by Trish Rock.

If you are a business owner, or work at home -you too are an entrepreneur! Many people forget this fact and don’t educate themselves in business.

The word entrepreneur means a bold undertaking. When applied to life it means to live fully, create life experiences the way you want them to be.

So how do you determine if you have the ability to become, or if you already are an entrepreneur?

Here is a list of qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset:

  • Entrepreneurs are careful, meticulous planners of success.
  • Entrepreneurs see obstacles and problems that arise in the pursuit of a goal, as normal experiences in life. They are there to be solved.
  • Entrepreneurs dream up adventures and ideas which they proceed to live out. This is the ‘what if…’ mentality.
  • Entrepreneurs realise their natural abilities and use them to the full.
  • Entrepreneurs act rationally, not emotionally, and constantly develop their thinking skills
  • Entrepreneurs break conventions, go beyond the accepted and work through their fears.
  • Entrepreneurs create their own businesses and see them as income generating mechanisms, not extensions of their identity or an opportunity to express their neuroses.
  • Entrepreneurs use their imagining skills to delve into their creative powers and come up with new insights and discoveries
  • Entrepreneurs pay enormous attention to detail and self discipline
  • Entrepreneurs develop their inner life (their conscious awareness through meditation etc) because they realise that abundance and the richest experiences come from within themselves
  • Entrepreneurs have an adventurous, creative, interesting, stimulating and restful life outside of their business.

I feel it is really so important to know that not only are you talented at what you love to do, but that you are also a business person and want more for your life than just going to work each day. This inner knowing is what drives you each day to become more successful and serve more people.

When planning your education keep in mind that business education is just as important as events and education in your chosen Industry. Actually, I feel it is more important!

Being professional in your business and having a success mindset will set you apart from other businesses and your clientele will increase as you attract into your business the people you want to attract.

So, now all there is to do is to start planning and strategizing to get your business to the next level! It will be easy for you because you have the Entrepreneur Mindset! Dont forget to have some fun along the way too!

To Your Success

Trish Rock


Puzzles for your Business Promotion.

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The Life of a Stripper

By Marianne Cook

Most people are aware of strippers and that their job involves getting naked for entertainment. The common misconception is that strippers are “prostitutes in costume”. This is utterly wrong. What most people don’t know is what is involved in preparing for the job, and the day-to-day pitfalls faced.

The challenges faced when working as a professional stripper include dealing with society’s stereotype and negative misconceptions, safety and crowd control, time limit on career and earning potential, unethical industry operators.

Women who choose to work as strippers come from all walks of life. Many are single Mums, some are happily married, while others are looking to have a source of income while studying. Whatever the reason, stripping for a living is hard work.

A lot of strippers have a background in various forms of dance, and now that pole dancing classes have become so popular, many strippers get their start after having mastered the pole. Most commonly these days, any woman wanting to work as a stripper will get her start working at a strip club venue. It is here she can observe other strippers and learn basic “stripper” moves. Each stripper will then incorporate their own personality and style to develop their individual shows. When working in clubs becomes boring, many strippers will move into doing private bookings through an agency. Even more common these days is for strippers to combine club and private work to maximise their income.

Choreographing and rehearsing a show is somewhat difficult. A good stripper needs to be able to tailor her show according to her audience. Before presenting a new show strippers will familiarise themselves with the music, marking cues in the music for when each item of clothing should come off. Often they will have a basic format in mind, and create new moves and routine on the fly during a performance. Possessing this versatility and ability to improvise defines a good stripper versus a great showgirl.

Stripping is predominantly about “eye-candy”, looking good for clients. Clients are buying a sexy fantasy, this means a lot of work must go in to personal grooming and body maintenance for any stripper to be successful. Watching what you eat is vital, any extra kilos can’t be hidden when you get naked for a living.

Essential parts of daily body maintenance include keeping legs and underarms hair free, neatly trimmed and shaped pubic hair, all over tan and of course regular exercise to keep their body slim and toned. Any stripper that doesn’t maintain a strict regime of body maintenance will soon find their earning potential drop dramatically.

However, the challenge of keeping up with a fairly intensive body maintenance schedule is not the worst part of being a stripper. Personal safety, the stripper stereotype and avoiding unethical agents/venues are by far the worst issues faced by a professional stripper.

Strippers use a variety of tactics for crowd control when doing private bookings. Most important is to conduct themselves professionally. A professional attitude counteracts the misconception of strippers being promiscuous, an easy target for guys looking more than a show. It is also an essential component in keeping a crowd of drunken males in line and encourages them to show respect. Humour also heads off a lot of potential problems, as does the presence of a security chaperone.

The unfortunate truth is the stripping industry is fraught with dodgy operators. Agents and clubs prepared to do anything to make a dollar, most often to the detriment of the strippers who perform. Strippers must be savvy and have a keen sense to pick the right people to work with.

Given that the average career span for a professional stripper is 5-7 years, it’s important to have a game plan in place and work towards retirement goals. Smart women use stripping as a means to an end. A source of income while studying, a way to develop contacts and network to further their own interests.

Despite the fact the downside to stripping, many women use it to successfully create a springboard for alternative career and life achievements.

Author Bio: Marianne Cook is the owner and founder of XXXTC Strippers & Showgirls. XXXTC was founded in 2008 in response to many complaints from showgirls regarding the use of unethical practices within the industry, and the use of intimidation to compel them to succumb to unfair pay and working conditions. It has fast become Melbourne’s leading adult entertainment agency, and the agency of choice to showgirls who desire to work with a dedicated and professional team. Showgirls are treated with respect and professionalism, clients receive unsurpassed levels of customer service.

Getting what you want is about planning and focused effort

Planning is all about having the life you want, because you are prepared to focus and do what is necessary to achieve. Not one of us started our lives without our dreams for the future. THEN, life happened, our dreams evaporated. It is so easy to just let life pass you by and one day wake up and find that the place we have put ourselves, is not where we want to be.

When you plan, you take charge; you determine where you will end up. Is it hard? Sometimes it is. It is about being prepared to challenge your thinking; it is about deciding you are prepared to do what it takes. Just imagine being in a position to say to yourself, ‘I did it and I am able to do the things that I have planned for’.

Financial Planning is about setting yourself up for freedom. I once heard a wise person say that freedom was not free, but it is worth all you need to do to get you there.

• Financial Planning incorporates tax planning.
• Financial Planning incorporates business planning.
• Financial planning incorporates health planning.

At Peninsula Taxation and Business Centre we can assist you to take the steps to achieve your goals in life; to identify your needs and plan the stepping stones required to get you there. Please visit us at for more information and our contact details.

“Do not judge my future destination by my present location”

Irena Butler is the principal; an authorised representative of Madison Financial Group Pty Ltd. AFSL No 246679. Irena has been in the financial planning industry since 1985. Irena then developed the Taxation and Business parts of the business. Irena is a member of the FPA, the Financial Planning Association and holds the qualification and designation CFP, Certified Financial Planner.

Have an internet presence without a website!

By Deb McPhedran

Remember the good old days? You decided that you wanted to work for yourself: have your own business. You put an ad in the paper, told a few mates and off you went. How things have changed! We have ABN’s and BAS, and registered business names and trading names, and insurance policies and liability policies. Oh for the simple days of the past…sigh….

The internet has changed the way we live, and the way that we do business too. If my husband is looking for a new product to use in his plumbing business, he goes to the internet and he searches for what he is looking for. He finds the product, the price, and where he can purchase it from. The internet has indeed changed the way that we do business forever! The fact is if you are not effectively represented on the internet, then you are not tapping into the enormous potential for business growth that is provided there. Collectively we are all spending far more time on the internet, so can you really afford not to have an online business presence? is a recently launched Online Business Network designed to allow Trades, Services and Businesses to have a detailed online presence without the hassle of designing and maintaining a website. When you join you will receive a free membership. This will allow you to promote your business in a nominated postcode area of your choice. You are then able to build your own ‘contact card’ which enables you to represent your business exactly how you want to. These can contain as much detail as you like, including price lists, menus, business descriptions and more. Businesses are found by category and postcode. Additional subscription levels begin at only $99.00 per year, with the highest level of membership being an Australia wide membership for those businesses who do their trade by mail or internet for example. Check us out at and you can join us and leave feedback at

Deb McPhedran is a partner in a small business with her husband. Along with Irena Butler who is a Financial Planner and Michael Lyne who is a Web Designer, they have developed mypostcodes.comwhich is a recently launched and affordable Online Business Directory allowing business owners to promote their businesses in their own unique way.

Dot Com Women

Business Women: looking for robust discussion and a positive, supportive community in which to learn, grow and prosper? If you want to be challenged, cheered and encouraged, Dot Com Womenis for you.

Dot Com Women is an online forum for entrepreneurial women in all stages of business and entrepreneurial activity. Dot Com Women aims to promote business leadership through active participation in the Dot Com Women Forum and provides the opportunity to:

- meet motivated and savvy business women
- be part of a vibrant online community where women become critical thinkers in the world of business
- forge strategic alliances
- promote to other business women

Here’s what some members have said about Dot Com Women:

“I think that business women offer something unique to the market place and that with a little bit of support (and some cheering from the sidelines) we can become incredibly savvy business leaders and owners.”

“How exciting to see women prosper in business with diversity and variety – it’s amazing by networking can what you encounter and many relationships you build from it…That’s what I love about networking. Being time poor these days, this website still allows us the opportunity to still network from our own personal desks at work whilst juggling the craziness of life. Love it!”

Limited Offer: Half Price premium membership ($75 inc GST). Go to and start expanding your business network TODAY!