Dapper Packer – A Woman’s Guide

“Let’s go for a holiday!”

Treating yourself to a holiday is always exciting and much anticipated, but let’s face it, packing is a dreadful chore. Often left to the last minute, cramming your worldly possessions into a suitcase which is always too small can be the first thing to go wrong with a holiday trip.

It’s crucial to your enjoyment of your holiday that you have all the important things you need on your holiday and transporting them with minimal fuss, worry and misadventure. Here is our easy-peasy packing guide for every trip you are bound to take in your lifetime.

The Basics

Before you stuff in four pairs of shoes and five lipsticks in your suitcase, think twice about whether you really need them all. Planning ahead and familiarising yourself with the climate and itinerary of your holiday destination can help you avoid buying things that you would rarely use again.

To save on your suitcase space on clothing, choose wardrobe items which can be suitable for multiple occasions. A simple black jersey shift dress looks good at a business meeting, dinner and the flea market. You can also bring multiple-use products to reduce your suitcase load. A face moisturizer with good SPF can double as body lotion.

Most hotels will provide an iron. However, you can leave the travelling iron behind in favor of crinkle- resistant clothing. Blended fabrics are great choice of traveling clothing compared to all-natural cotton or linen. You can bring a set of basic tops, bottoms and a few accessories to mix and match.

Packing for the sun, sand and surf

This is possibly the easiest vacation to pack because you’ll only need minimum clothing for maximum fun. Some essentials would be sun blocks, at least two swimsuits (if you are staying more than 2 days) and quick-dry (thin) clothing. A duffel bag is all you need to keep your travel needs. Ziploc bags or waterproof case are recommended to prevent your toiletries from spilling in your bag.

Investing in a huge colorful pareo can help you save your suitcase space by doubling as a wrap, towel, bag, headscarf, shawl, blanket and mat. Beach holidays should be carefree, but make sure your personal belongings are kept safe and dry at the beach. Keep your phone in a waterproof case ensures you will be able to keep making calls and text without getting your phone wet.

A Day Hike

Hiking always requires to pack light – that includes the backpack, since you’ll be carrying everything most of the time. You’ll need to pack smart and bring only the necessities. A good tip is to discuss among your travel companions and split the things that can be shared so you can all lighten your respective loads.

Winter Wonderland

If your vacation includes cold weather, beautiful snowfall and hot chocolate beside the fireplace, be sure you are well-equipped for the weather. Carry your winter coat instead of packing it in your check-in baggage will not only saves space, you will need the jacket once you arrive at the destination.

Beanies are great accessories to bring as they help to keep the warmth in. A pair of Briko sunglasses can provide you both style and safety. Simply change your elastic head strap to regular temples when you go from slope to street.


Better Homes and Gardens LIVE – Free Tickets!

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for that next accessory or perfect project for your house and garden. Last weekend I added in a gorgeous new herb garden to my backyard, and have already enjoyed cooking with the beautiful fresh herbs.

I’ve been an avid reader of Better Homes and Gardens for many years, and coming soon to Melbourne is Better Homes and Gardens Live, from the 24 – 26th February, 2012 and the Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton.

This fabulous LIVE event brings to life the pages of Australia’s favourite magazine, providing home makers, DIY enthusiasts, keen gardeners and aspiring cooks with inspiring new ideas for their home and garden. As well as fantastic new ideas, workshops and products to try, there’ll also be live stage shows from your favourite presenters. Graham Ross, Tara Dennis, ‘Fast’ Ed, Karen Martini, Jason Hodges, Rob Palmerand Johanna Griggs will take to the stage to share their creative and original ideas to help you make yours a better home and garden! Click here to view the stage timetables.

So, love to go? Guess what – I have 20 tickets to give away for FREE! Ten lucky winners will be able to take themselves and a friend without spending a cent, so you’ve got lots of spending cash for all the great goodies you’re bound to find inside. Simply leave a comment on the post below letting me know why you’d love to go by the 20th of February, and 10 lucky winners will be selected. Tickets are redeemed online, and then you’re on your way!

For tickets and more info visit bhglive.com.au

SISTER2sister – a great cause

Jessica Brown met Caitlin Ward when her school counselor sought help for Caitlin, who was depressed and self harming at the time. Jessica was instrumental in Caitlin’s recovery and the two have developed an incredibly strong bond over the past 3 years. They consider themselves Sisters.

Caitlin’s father was a depressive alcoholic and her mother hated him. She grew up in a house filled with anger, parental fights, abuse, bullying and neglect. Her mother eventually left her father and Caitlin, along with her two brothers and sister, were forced to live in her mother’s car for some time. They had no money, no food and no prospects. Eventually her uncle took them into his home and Caitlin went back to school. At school she was bullied incessantly and had no friends. She was depressed. She began to self harm in an attempt to ‘feel’ something. When this didn’t help, she tried to end her own life and was admitted to hospital and put on anti-depressants.

Life improved for a while until Caitlin’s only friend took her own life, leaving Caitlin isolated and alone again. Less than a week later she found out her father had died and just one week after this, her grandmother died of a massive heart attack. Caitlin’s world was thrown into disarray once again and depression began to take over. Her school counselor suggested that she nominate herself for a program that might be able to lift her depression and offer her some guidance and positive reinforcement in her life.

That’s when she met Jessica, her savior. Jessica was a warm, loving, maternal role model in Caitlin’s life. The pair bonded immediately and Jessica helped her to discover freedom and choice and most of all, happiness.

Jessica set upLife Changing Experiences Foundation’s SISTER2sister program in 2003, providing at risk teenage girls with professional female role models as ‘Big Sister’ mentors they can gain support, guidance and advice from, to inspire and motivate them to turn their lives around over a 12 month period. Caitlin was recommended to join it in 2008. Jessica took on the role of Caitlin’s Big Sister.

Jessica made her laugh, listened to her, gave her advice and showed her that she matters. And that life matters when Caitlin is around.

Jessica has learned a lot from Caitlin too. Caitlin is a regular reminder to Jessica about why she set up the Foundation and is proof that the ‘magic’ they create as mentors, really turns these young lives around. They make each other laugh and Jessica now feels that she has gained a loyal Little Sister through meeting Caitlin.

Caitlin has not forgotten the road she has taken to where she is today. Throughout the program, Caitlin was challenged and had to step out of her comfort zone. She learned to trust Jessica wholeheartedly and she also learned the value of being trusted. Today, Caitlin is a Butterfly Ambassador/advocate for the charity. She participates in Life Changing Experience Foundation events at which she speaks about the program and how it has helped her.

Caitlin is a volunteer with the NSW Red Cross Youth Advisory Committee. In 2009 she represented Australia as an Australian Youth Ambassador at a Global Youth Leadership Summit. She’s also working on building her own Organisation; ‘Confidence through Culture’ which is an initiative designed to increase confidence in young Indigenous students through a greater understanding of their traditional heritage and she’s writing a personal development themed novel.


This is a special collaboration between Life Changing Experiences Foundation and Magnolia Jewellery, who are proud to launch the limited edition SISTER2sister sterling silver pendant.

Life Changing Experiences Foundation’s NIVEA SISTER2Sister program aims to assist “at risk” teenage girls who face serious issues such as abuse, neglect, loss, trauma, self harm, a drug addicted guardian or parents in jail. To date, The NIVEA SISTER2Sister program has helped over 250 young girls with many success stories to tell. The program pairs a Big Sister mentor with a Little Sister, and introduces a positive role model into their lives, one whom they can seek advice, support and encouragement from.

The pendant, created exclusively by Magnolia Jewellery, symbolises a big sister and a little sister and the bond they share. The dolls are linked together, which represents their intertwining lives when they embark on the 12 month mentoring program together.

Nati Harpaz, CEO of Magnolia Jewellery says, “We are delighted to be working with such an admirable charity. We selected Life Changing Experiences Foundation as our chosen cause due to the incredible work they do and inspiration they offer to the lives of teenage girls in need of guidance. We know our customers will love the pendant and want to support such a worthy charity.”

Jessica Brown, CEO of Life Changing Experiences Foundation says “We are really excited that Magnolia has come on board to help raise funds for the NIVEA SISTER2sister program. Magnolia has kindly given pendants to our current Big and Little Sisters who absolutely love it and wear it with pride. We are delighted to have such a beautifully designed pendant to represent the program and raise vital funds to ensure we continue to help young at-risk teenage girls have a brighter future.”

The SISTER2sister pendant makes the perfect gift for a loved one, best friend, sister or a great stocking filler for Christmas this year.

The pendant retails for $59 and is available at Magnolia stores nationwide, as well as through the Magnolia website www.magnolia-jewellery.com.au . All proceeds raised from sales will go directly to the NIVEA SISTER2sister Program. Magnolia Jewellery stores are located nationwide.


Story by Amanda Cox, AKA Mad Cow.

I huddled in the dark, pushing myself as far into the corner of the only safe place I could find.

I was trapped, in my house.

I’d managed to run from them when they checked to see that my only escape path was blocked, and head for the walk-in wardrobe. Carefully, silently, I opened the door, slithered inside and curled around myself, amongst the shoes, hidden behind the long evening dresses and suits.

They were coming for me. I could hear them, their feet, pounding on the floor boards that lined the hall as they ran up and down, searching for my whereabouts. Never stopping, I was sure, until they found me.

Tears of terror streamed down my face. I shoved my fist into my mouth, stifling a fearful sob, as the footsteps dulled when the hit the carpeted floor the other side of the door. It is a weak barrier and the only thing obscuring me from their view.

As noiselessly as possible, overcoming a petrifying dread, I wriggled from between my footwear to place my back firmly against the door to prevent their entry. It was all I had.

Though they knew I hadn’t left the house, couldn’t leave the house, they had stopped calling for me. I held my breath and waited for the jiggling of the doorhandle, the beating on the door, the yelling. I sighed in relief as, instead, the footsteps moved away and back down the hallway. Away from my safe place.

It was short lived. More steps, running this time, back and forth. I could hear quiet discussion as they huddled around the doorway, my escape route to the outside world. They had spread out in their search.

I didn’t know how long I would have to remain here, or how long before they would discover my location. All I knew was that I had to stay hidden until it was safe.

I was scared.

I couldn’t go out and fight them. Not again. I’d tried, and they’d taken all the fight out of me. I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t function. I was spent. They had weapons; weapons that could easily pierce your heart, send you mad and crush your sprit.

I was afraid that if they found me, found me right now, they would use these weapons and break me, push me to the point where I would literally snap.

I was terrified I would lose control, and that once I let go, I’d never get it back again.

I was scared and I couldn’t move.

I try to grasp my thoughts, gather some strength.I so desperately need to get my thoughts together so I can get out of this, safely, unbroken.

I try to breathe deeply, to calm myself. I’m frozen in fear. Hot tears run down my cheek and onto my neck. I pray they don’t melt my resolve. I lean back against the door, pressing hard and hope they don’t find me.

They are coming for me again and I still myself as they begin to call for me …

“Mum. MUM! Where are you? Mum?”

Amanda Cox is a writer, speaker, blogger, author, entrepreneur, founder of parent support website Real Mums, wife, mum to three boys, drinker of wine and mediocre housewife. Her personal blog may be found at www.diaryofamadcow.com.au or underneath the coffee table with last week’s Vegemite toast and the missing waffle iron …

Exercise in your sleep Hypnotherapy CD from Cas Therapy…..


By Leanne Campbell, Passion Media Productions.

I have recently been working on losing weight and I because I have had major back problems from multiple injuries, I find that exercise options are very limited for me. So I thought why not give this hypnotherapy CD by Cas Willow a try….I thought to myself it can’t hurt but if it works it would be FREAKING AWESOME!

So basically what I did was have a session with Cas to implant the exercise into my subconscious and then every night I play the CD when I go to bed. At first I wasn’t noticing much of anything but as the days went on I started noticing I was waking up feeling much more refreshed….a few days later I was waking up and feeling awesome! 1 week later I am now waking up and I feel refreshed when I wake up, energetic, positive and feeling the need to be productive!

Now your thinking it doesn’t get any better than that! But WAIT THERE’S MORE! ha ha ha after two weeks I am now feeling fitter and I feel like finding ways to do bits of exercise during my day. I am dancing while I iron and getting my heart rate up! Is that enough for you now??? Well not for me! I then found clothes started to fit me better and I went and weighed myself and I’d lost 1kg in a week from my last weigh in and because my that time of the month is due and I always carry almost 4kgs extra in the days before (I am due wed) I know I have lost over 1kg in a week just from listening to the CD!

I am so excited because finally something is helping me! I know it’s weird and I know it shouldn’t work but it does for me and besides all the other side effects have been tremendous! I have had insomnia and depression for years and I was always wake up tired and feeling sad so to wake up and feel awesome and refreshed and Happy! I believe it is worth it just for that alone besides the weight loss!

Yes! I feel like exercising way more now and I feel great when I do it! I am approximately 70kgs overweight and let’s face it anything that inspires a morbidly obese woman to shake her arse has got to be good! I wanted to sit down all the time and now I just want to move it! move it! I couldn’t be happier!

ps. Added bonus……feeling happy etc. has made me more efficient and improved my business!

People that know me and all the things I have tried (what haven’t I tried!) have started noticing what’s going on and telling me they can see it! Do I recommend this product?? The answer has to be HELL YEAH!

Leanne Campbell

Passion Media Productions

A Walk on the Dark Side with After Dark Parties

A Walk on the Dark Side with After Dark Parties – The Ultimate Girls Night In

Ok, you’ve been married or together for a while now and your love life has entered the oh so deadly “familiar” stage . Part of you really wants it to get better, part of you can’t be bothered because not having to be a cheerleading pretzel in bed is a welcome relief, but then you really do love your partner and want things to improve. So where to start?

Well I can almost guarantee you have tried the romantic candle lit dinner, the special present, or pulling out the latest “romantic” movie (read porn flick). Hey, they might work but let’s get inspired people, lets really shake things up!

Why not surprise the hell out of him with some landscaping of the downstairs kind. Ok, so Brazilian might be a bit scary, but a racing stripe is sure to get his motor running! After all, its hair, not dental floss. And that goes for guys too. Nothing wrong with a number 2, and if you need a bit of help, just ask!

Yes, lingerie is a classic, however how many of you saw Emma Stone in the recent chick flick “Easy A”? I tell you, those corsets she wore were to die for! Yes you could slink across the bed wearing one with a skimpy g-string, but what about putting it on underneath something you wear out. Let him see you put it on so he knows exactly how sexy you look. Then torture him all evening with sexy looks and air kisses with him knowing the exciting package he gets to unwrap once you get home. Talk about building the suspense!

And if you really want to create a buzz, check out some of the cool vibrating knickers you can get now. Give him the remote control and by the time dinner is finished you will both be breaking the land speed record to get home and get it on!

Remember there is no hard and fast rule, mixing it up a little and trying different things is great and keeps the suspense alive.

And the last golden nugget to remember is that the most important tool you have is your tongue. And I am talking about talking people. Communication is the key.
Sex is a healthy past time that releases stress and works every muscle in your body, so it is great exercise. It reduces aging and can clear a headache and can even boost your immune system.

And it feels good!

after Company Bio
After Dark Parties are a revolution in rescuing your relationship from the doldrums of a boring love life. We are Australia’s fastest growing party plan company featuring romantic and sensual products for women, men, partners, lovers or just for yourself. No longer do you have to venture to the local adult establishment in disguise, you can experience our sensual and erotic range of products and ask questions in the comfort of your own home.

We focus on creating the right atmosphere in your life and your home to encourage intimacy and opportunities for intimacy to occur. Our mission is to share the After Dark Parties belief that any woman can experience the prosperity of owning her own business, to share the products that will enhance any woman’s relationship and to share the philosophy of women helping women.

Our parties can be conducted for 5-15 people and last for approximately 1.5-2hrs in your home. Visit us at http://www.after-dark.com.au.
Personal Bio’s
Tarnya is an experienced service management consultant, qualified trainer and personal masseuse. Her extensive IT and management experience is put to good use managing the After Dark Parties head office. Tarnya also has her own personal story regarding her romantic and marriage experiences and how she saved her marriage and now has a loving and sensually rewarding relationship with her husband.

Kelly is an After Dark Party extraordinaire. Kelly’s knowledge and experience in the romantic and lifestyle industry is extensive, having worked in Canada for the last 5 years in this industry. Kelly’s parties are educational and fun, and will have you rolling on the floor begging for more. An After Dark Party with Kelly as your presenting Independent Consultant is not to be missed.

Live from the Heart or live from the Head?

By guest author Trish Rock

Do you live for yourself or for others? By this I mean, do your decisions come from a place within you, or from a sense of duty to someone else?

It can be difficult sometimes and of course it can be a fine line between doing what you feel you want to do and what you think you ‘should’ do. The ego is a powerful part of us and sometimes we don’t recognise for what it is.

From the moment we are born we are filled with instructions on what we ‘should’ do, how we ‘should’ behave and our heart feelings, the ones that come directly from source, get pushed aside. While exploring my inner truth through personal development, I have come to understand that many things we do, say and feel come from a ‘learned’ example of what is accepted by the majority and what it is we ‘should’ do, say and feel. The ego overpowers our internal messages.


This is why many of us have that ‘lost’ feeling. A feeling of disconnect. Like me, for a lot of years, many cannot just quite put their finger on what is wrong but they know something is not quite right! After a lot of personal and internal work I finally realised it was the disconnect. The separation from who I really am. Where do I find who I really am? In the heart and in the way I feel.

I don’t wish to do many of the things in life that are programmed in and that are considered the norm. I chose to live from what feels best for me to do and say. While this of course gets mixed reactions, and can get difficult sometimes, I have to remember that what other people think about me is none of my business. It only matters what I think of myself. This however is also a huge learning experience as many things I still do are from my thinking, from my head.

Sometimes I feel I have to do certain things just to ‘do the right thing’. This is something we all feel at some stage and it can create turmoil in our hearts, minds and lives. I can sense straight away that I feel ill at ease and then have to make the decision about how to proceed-with my flow, or with other peoples flow. By being aware of your feelings, you have the opportunity to remain connected as much as possible and with practice, disconnection can become less and less.

Recently I was feeling guilt over the fact that I choose to have time for myself (a feeling instilled by the ego and the need to do what is considered right by the majority) when in my inbox arrived this timely message from Neal Donald Walshe:

“…that less and less do you need to force things, until

you finally arrive at non-action.

This is the message of the Tao Te Ching, and it is

true. Werner Erhard has taught, “Life will resolve

itself in the process of Life Itself.” Byron Katie says

that liberation is “Loving What Is.”

And Stephen Mitchell calls non-action “the purest and

most effective form of action. The game plays the game;

the poem writes the poem; we can’t tell the dancer from

the dance.”

Perhaps the best thing you can do right now is nothing

at all.”

I felt at ease again with this message and knew it was a reminder to me to live from the heart, not the ego mind.

So, what is necessary to follow your heart? Firstly, listen to the first feeling, the first thought that comes into your head. After the first thought, the ego will kick in and tell you why you either cant do it, shouldn’t do it, feel the fear and generally the ego talks you out of it! The first answer/thought/inspiration is usually the best. It is usually the one that is the most uncomfortable too I have to add! Expansion is our greatest experience and inspired thoughts and answers will usually push us beyond what we have done before.

Can you imagine living like a 2 year old! With unlimited wonder. No pre conceived ideas, no fears, no self doubts… just wonder, love and trust. I believe we all arrive to live our experience on this earth, and in this Universe, to expand and grow.

No one can quit being what they really are. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I choose to live. It certainly isn’t anything unusual in my eyes however some may see it as that. It doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to me however I do get questioned about it. I may not be doing what is considered ‘normal’ for society but I feel at peace, I feel connected and I feel that finally I have arrived at a place of love.

I am conscientiously living from the heart. Each day is a new discovery, of the world and also of me, and I am willing to do the work necessary to move forward through anything that comes up for me. Quiet your mind every day and listen. You will know what to do. There is an inner knowing in all of us if only we would listen to it.

Live from your Heart and your life will really start to flow. Blessings to you.

Trish Rock



Dream Interpretation and Dream Alchemy Practices

Article by Margaret Jarvinen, Dream interpreter.

1084953_dark_dream_2What are dreams?

A dream is the outcome of your unconscious mind processing your daily experiences.

Your unconscious mind does not understand the concepts of time and/or right and wrong. Your unconscious processes your thoughts and feelings of your waking life and takes these on as your truth / reality. Essentially it is your belief system.

It is your unconscious that influences your daily reality – the thoughts and feelings that you choose to experience.

A dream is always related to the last 24 – 48 hours of your waking life.

Therefore old belief patterns that you processed as a child still have an influence and will direct your experiences as you know them today and will be reinforced through dreams. The unconscious does not discriminate and will link daily occurrences to old belief patterns. Therefore re-enforcing beliefs that may no longer serve you and /or are holding you back from further self development and /or feelings of peace, acceptance and trust.

How to interpret a dream

Many books have been written on this subject and there are several tools you can use to interpret your dreams.

I will discuss two methods of interpretation.

However, what I have learned through experience and my studies is that dream interpretation books can leave you feeling more confused and bewildered than when you started.

The myths

  1. All symbol interpretations can relate to all people
  2. People in your dreams is about them

This is because no one can tell you how to interpret your own unconscious.

For example you have dreamt of a symbol – let’s say a horse. You look up horse in your dream interpretation book and it may represent ‘power’ or ‘strength’. The problem with interpretation books is that a horse will mean different things to me and you.

I believe horses are freedom; you may be scared of horses. You should always ask yourself what that symbol means to you.

So, I tell everybody to throw out their dream interpretation books and trust your own responses.

You can create your own dream interpretation book. The best way to do this is to buy a telephone index book and when you dream of a symbol record the first thing that comes to your mind as its meaning.

Another misunderstanding people have with their dreams is that when you dream of another person you think it is about them. It is not. It is an aspect of yourself and it’s your unconscious mind telling you this is how it will ‘file’ the experience of the day.

This is why we can dream of people that we haven’t seen or thought of for years. An occurrence has happened during your waking life and during sleep your unconscious mind is trying to link it to previous information and viola up pops a person you have forgotten about.

Next time you dream of a person write down quickly and with little or no thought three words that describe them. Don’t be shy about your responses – on one else will read what you write! Then write the opposite to your three words. The opposites do not have to be logical. We are trying to discover what your subconscious mind believes.

For example Jo Blogs represents to me


Why interpret dreams?

Have you ever woken up unsettled by a dream and was grateful that your daily routine distracted you from those uneasy feelings?

If you have the tools to interpret your dreams you can identify why you experienced those feelings, identify the belief and decide whether they serve you or not. The outcome of this process is the choice to change your subconscious thoughts and beliefs. This leads to a more balanced life and can put to rest those demons that you may have been fighting for years.

You can change your unconscious beliefs by a process called Dream Alchemy.

What is Dream Alchemy?

Is a process of changing your unconscious belief patterns through using your conscious mind.

Once a dream has been interpreted I develop a Dream Alchemy specific to that dream. I use the same symbols in your dream for the alchemy so your unconscious mind does not get confused. The alchemy talks back to your unconscious and reprograms its understanding.

By doing Dream Alchemy practices you are talking to your unconscious in its own language.

If you are committed to continuing the alchemy for a period of time the changes of old belief patterns are permanent. In the dream work I have done so far all clients have had profound waking life shifts and feelings of peace and closure to ‘old demons’. After working with people for 6 months (a consult every two weeks) their lives change so dramatically that is nearly unbelievable.

Dream Alchemy Practices can be developed in various forms. Some examples are visualisations, affirmations, creating a piece of artwork, writing letters and meditation.

I would like to share with you an example of my own experience with a Dream Alchemy Visualisation.

This was my first experience with using dream alchemy – quite some time ago.

I believe this is an excellent and simple example of how Dream Interpretation and Dream Alchemy can dramatically change your life.


Titled “you are not important”

I am sitting in a classroom with other students. The teacher asks a question. I want to contribute but, the teacher does not believe I have anything important to say. I am ignored. I sit back feeling sad and stupid.

The Dream Alchemy Visualisation

I am sitting in the classroom. The teacher asks a question. I give my opinion. I receive great feedback. The teacher says “That’s an excellent idea”, “Great work Margaret”. At the end of the year I receive an award acknowledging my contributions to the class.

Changes in my waking life due to this alchemy

After completing my visualisation for a period of time I was able to articulate and express my needs and wants more clearly.

A gained more self worth – which, opened up possible pathways and choices I could never perceive before.

I gained more courage.

When we are more balanced with ourselves life is so much more enjoyable and easier. Dream interpretation and Dream Alchemy is a way of bring balance into your life.

Would you like to know more? Visit my web site atwww.margaretjarvinen.com

Visit my Facebook pagehttp://www.facebook.com/DreamsMargaretJarvinen and please participate. Once a fortnight, I randomly pick someone and interpret their dream and offer an alchemy practice if required. There are free tips / resources and the odd competition!

Hints and Tips on Choosing the Right Jewellery for Others

How many times have you received gifts that are just not that right for you? No doubt we can re-gift it, but wouldn’t it be nice to always receive something that actually suits us? The same goes when choosing gifts for others. We want to get it right the first time, and the feeling we get when our recipient genuinely LOVES our gift is just priceless. Jewellery, like fragrances, is such a personal thing. Not only does it depend on a person’s taste, but also if it goes well with their personality. Often, we end up purchasing what WE fancy and totally forgetting that it wasn’t for us to begin with. To make things a little easier, here are some easy to follow tips to bear in mind when getting the right jewellery for others.

  • Be observant – Have a look at what the recipient always wears. Do 356155_bthey normally wear bracelets, bangles? Do they prefer necklaces? What type of necklaces do they normally wear? Chunky, beaded necklaces? Simple silver chain with small pendant? Sometimes, people prefer one over the other. For instance I’m a huge bangle and bracelet girl and I often purchase those over necklaces. My sister is a necklace person, and she loves simple, eclectic styles. My Mum on the other hand loves bold statement jewellery and because she wears a head scarf, it’s just not worth it for me to get her earrings where it can’t be seen by others.
  • Be attentive– sometimes all it takes is to listen to what they’re telling you. Pay attention when they tell you what they loved whilst out shopping, or what they found online. Better still, take them out shopping for jewellery and check out what they really like. Some people are into handmade jewellery, while others love the ease of store bought chain jewellery.
  • dresshangerFashion Jewellery vs Precious Jewellery – This all depends on your budget, how close you are to the person, and once again, what they normally wear. If the person is a very close friend or family member and you have the budget to match, then I say go for precious stones rather than fashion jewellery. Precious jewellery is also more suited to those who are less likely to change their accessories often. These tend to be key pieces that they often wear and so would be worth the while purchasing, knowing they would wear it more often. For those who love to accessorise, I say go for fashion jewellery. That way they can chop and change whenever they like.
  • Classic vs On-Trend pieces – Sometimes the classic pieces are the way to go when it comes to jewellery. That way you can be rest assured that the recipient can continually wear their jewellery even when fashion trends around them changes. On-trend pieces are a good idea if you know the recipient is a big fashion fan. Some might think that it’s a waste of money to buy on-trend pieces, but bear in mind, fashion goes round in a cycle so, there’s every chance that it will come back in fashion again. Take for example the big floral brooches that were huge in the 90s worn by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in Sex and the City, that came back in full force last Spring/Summer, when they were ringing in the floral trend. If you’re looking to purchase on-trend jewellery or accessories then I would suggest not having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

These are just some basic tips you can go by when purchasing jewellery for someone else. Hopefully these will stop you from buying duds that get re-gifted….back to you!

Norlin Mustapha is the owner ofBaubles, Bubbles & Bags, an online store which carries a collection of uniquely designed bags, jewellery and accessories that will suit all tastes and budgets. She also runs a blog –Baubles, Bubbles & Bags Style File, which covers, fashion, styling, beauty and lifestyle topics and reviews.

10 Ways to Have a Happier, More Fulfilling Day, EVERYDAY!

By Trish Rock

1340472_smile_signEach day we wake up with the expectation of either a great day or another day filled with the same as the day before. Which vision do you have? If you are waking up each day and dreading what the day will bring, there needs to be some different actions and thoughts!

If nothing changes – nothing changes!

Do you want to start changing the way your days progress, want much more happiness despite what happens and want to be EXCITED to wake up each morning?

Follow this simple plan and see the amazing changes that will occur!

1. Wake up to something inspirational every day.
Have a piece of music ready to listen to on your ipod, a poem, a book, your gratitude journal, a beautiful picture. Anything that puts you in a loving, warm state of being. 10 to 30 minutes would be great!

2. Breakfast is important
A healthy breakfast is vital for sustained energy throughout the day. Our lives can get frantic during the day and you may not get time to eat when you are hungry later throughout the day. Your health is vital for producing great work, long hours and happy thoughts!

3. Get to your workplace/home office early before everyone else
Arriving at work before everyone else allows you to do any small things without being disturbed. Sit and have a tea/coffee without being interrupted and basically assess anything that needs to be done while you have a clear mind. If you work from home or are at home all day being a mother, having the house to yourself first thing in the morning will help you to get clear and relaxed before the silence is broken! Being organised before the madness makes a huge difference to your day!

4. Create a peaceful, happy atmosphere in your workplace or home
A beautiful, calm atmosphere can be created easily in your home or workplace. This will help you, your fellow workmates and your family to have the best experience while there that day. Burn calming oils such as lavender or sandalwood, put on relaxing or uplifting music (depending on who is listening) and basically set the mood that you want to have. A beautiful vase of flowers sets a wonderful mood!

5. Monitor your thoughts and words.
What you say and think throughout the day are key to having a better, happy day. Only say joyful, positive statements and monitor your thoughts so they are in alignment with your inner peace and joy. Don’t allow anyone else’s thoughts to bring you down or create negativity. If you need to, get by yourself for a few minutes after a negative experience and think about someone you love in your life. This should get your thoughts back to a good place.

6. Value yourself and have a break during the day.
YOU ARE IMPORTANT! If you don’t look after yourself and have a break, you will be less effective in your business and at home. If you are not hungry then at least have a stretch, short walk or sit in the sun! Recharge and energise to get you through the rest of the day with ease and joy.

7. Tidy up before you leave at night
By spending 20 – 30 minutes at the end of each day to tidy up and get ready for the next day you will set yourself up to a better start the next morning. By walking into a lovely, clean, ready to work environment, your state of happiness will remain and carry through during the entire day.

8. Spend quality time with your family/partner/children
It is so important to have quality time with your loved ones at home. Your business, while it may consume a lot of your time, energy and thoughts, is never as important as your family and friends. When you get home-be home in body and mind. Forget about work for a while and concentrate on family. When they have gone to bed, you can get your mind back onto work related topics.

9. Go to bed 1/2 hour earlier than normal and read something educational
Your continuing education and personal development are crucial for a happy life. Happiness comes from within so by studying how to become better from the inside, life will work a lot better and easier for you each day.

10. Write down 5 things you are grateful for today.
At the end of each day, just before you do to sleep, write down 5 things that you are grateful for in your gratitude journal. If you have a partner you could discuss it together instead of writing it. You could also include your children in this when sitting at the table they all have to say what they are grateful for that day. It is a lovely and powerful way to end the day and it puts your thoughts in a good place before sleep, which in turn helps you to wake up with these good thoughts or better!

Trish Rock is theNail Salon Success Coach. With over 20 years industry experience, Trish can show any nail salon owner how to turn their business from struggling to profitable using herGLOSSsystem.