A Walk on the Dark Side with After Dark Parties

A Walk on the Dark Side with After Dark Parties – The Ultimate Girls Night In

Ok, you’ve been married or together for a while now and your love life has entered the oh so deadly “familiar” stage . Part of you really wants it to get better, part of you can’t be bothered because not having to be a cheerleading pretzel in bed is a welcome relief, but then you really do love your partner and want things to improve. So where to start?

Well I can almost guarantee you have tried the romantic candle lit dinner, the special present, or pulling out the latest “romantic” movie (read porn flick). Hey, they might work but let’s get inspired people, lets really shake things up!

Why not surprise the hell out of him with some landscaping of the downstairs kind. Ok, so Brazilian might be a bit scary, but a racing stripe is sure to get his motor running! After all, its hair, not dental floss. And that goes for guys too. Nothing wrong with a number 2, and if you need a bit of help, just ask!

Yes, lingerie is a classic, however how many of you saw Emma Stone in the recent chick flick “Easy A”? I tell you, those corsets she wore were to die for! Yes you could slink across the bed wearing one with a skimpy g-string, but what about putting it on underneath something you wear out. Let him see you put it on so he knows exactly how sexy you look. Then torture him all evening with sexy looks and air kisses with him knowing the exciting package he gets to unwrap once you get home. Talk about building the suspense!

And if you really want to create a buzz, check out some of the cool vibrating knickers you can get now. Give him the remote control and by the time dinner is finished you will both be breaking the land speed record to get home and get it on!

Remember there is no hard and fast rule, mixing it up a little and trying different things is great and keeps the suspense alive.

And the last golden nugget to remember is that the most important tool you have is your tongue. And I am talking about talking people. Communication is the key.
Sex is a healthy past time that releases stress and works every muscle in your body, so it is great exercise. It reduces aging and can clear a headache and can even boost your immune system.

And it feels good!

Company Bio
After Dark Parties are a revolution in rescuing your relationship from the doldrums of a boring love life. We are Australia’s fastest growing party plan company featuring romantic and sensual products for women, men, partners, lovers or just for yourself. No longer do you have to venture to the local adult establishment in disguise, you can experience our sensual and erotic range of products and ask questions in the comfort of your own home.

We focus on creating the right atmosphere in your life and your home to encourage intimacy and opportunities for intimacy to occur. Our mission is to share the After Dark Parties belief that any woman can experience the prosperity of owning her own business, to share the products that will enhance any woman’s relationship and to share the philosophy of women helping women.

Our parties can be conducted for 5-15 people and last for approximately 1.5-2hrs in your home. Visit us at http://www.after-dark.com.au.
Personal Bio’s
Tarnya is an experienced service management consultant, qualified trainer and personal masseuse. Her extensive IT and management experience is put to good use managing the After Dark Parties head office. Tarnya also has her own personal story regarding her romantic and marriage experiences and how she saved her marriage and now has a loving and sensually rewarding relationship with her husband.

Kelly is an After Dark Party extraordinaire. Kelly’s knowledge and experience in the romantic and lifestyle industry is extensive, having worked in Canada for the last 5 years in this industry. Kelly’s parties are educational and fun, and will have you rolling on the floor begging for more. An After Dark Party with Kelly as your presenting Independent Consultant is not to be missed.

A Little Bridesmaid Bling?

The new film “Bridesmaids” is out and we thought it was time to pay some respect to all the hard working bridesmaids who hold weddings together with sheer will and humour.

The film is a funny tale of Anne, a maid of honor, who really doesn’t quite know what to do or how to manage the oddballs who are the bridesmaids. She’s broke and somehow has to work her way through all the expensive pre-wedding celebrations, not to mention manage to pay for her dress and so on.

It made us think about how underappreciated some bridesmaids are. They really do deserve some form of acknowledgement, dont’ they?

Miabellehas a stunning range of enamel jewellery that would be just perfect as a thank you gift. Yes, you know me. I love colour and the enamel on these pieces gives a beautiful clear burst of colour.

These pieces are made of sterling silver and enamel and then set with semi-precious stones. Just have a look at the stunning colours in these pieces.

The enamel is handpainted and then the jewellery is set with gems that may include garnet, citrine, topaz, rhodolite, quartz, onyx and more.

Every time I look at these pieces I change my mind about the ones I would choose. I started off drooling over the vivid enamel colours but I think I have now fallen for the classic elegance of black and white.

But, I guess it isn’t my opinion that matters. It’s your bridesmaids who count and I know there will be something in this lovely range that they will appreciate. Go on, give them a thank you gift that really acknowledges the work they put into making your day special.

By the way, does anyone need a bridesmaid? Ms FeetUp volunteers!

Visit Miabelle to see the complete range and to find a stockist near you.

Taste of Sydney -a review

By Food Writer and Food Critic Brian Steel

Crisp Wagyu Beef with Mushroom and truffle foam; 12-hour braised lamb shoulder with pea and feta salad; Acquarello risotto of beetroot and gorgonzola; dark chocolate and coffee ‘Barbajada’ with almond crumble … This is not the degustation menu at one Sydney restaurant, but only a few of the choices at this year’s Taste of Sydney Festival. For the third year, a small patch of Centennial Park was converted into an outdoor ‘do-it-yourself’ degustation arena showcasing some of the best restaurants in Sydney, and bookended with high-end providores, wineries and intimate presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. This is a one-stop-shop to eat and drink your way around the Sydney and regional gastronomic experience. The festival ran from Thursday to Sunday, and each afternoon and evening session lasted four hours.

Entry is $25-30, after which you must buy books of ‘Crowns’ – the festival currency. These can be purchased in books of 10 and 30: each dish at the restaurant stalls ranges from 8-12 crowns, so for a book of 30 Crowns you can manage a starter, a main and a dessert. My advice – double up on the crowns and pace yourself to experience a range of superb quality cuisine that you will rarely find in one place.

The setup is reminiscent of the duck seeming to glide effortlessly across the pond when underneath it is all frenzied energy. The restaurants that sign up for this event expend tremendous amounts of energy, time, and creativity in the process. Imagine trying to plan how to feed more than 2500 people up to three small courses, when all you have is a kitchen tent about 3m squared. In some cases, this could involve converting up to 300kg of wagyu beef and 20 suckling pigs into thousands of identical dishes of the same high quality. Indeed, these same chefs may only have the ability to serve 50 to 70 people a night in their own restaurants. Of course, you never get a hint of all this, as the friendly and efficient staff fronting these tents serve you fully plated, aesthetically pleasing dishes that easily match eating in the best restaurant in the city. There are many food and wine festivals in Sydney throughout the year, but this is the flagship, if your passion is centred on high-end cuisine, in an intimate setting surrounded by likeminded people. And the overall value is unbeatable.

Last year, Taste of Melbourne was in the Royal Exhibition Building in August, so keep your ear to the ground and sign up for the newsletter to get in early for the tickets.

(Images from Taste of Sydney website)

Brian Steel is a food writer and the brains behind Underground Gourmet.

Eat More Chocolate

“Ms FeetUp, you can’t possibly need that whole block to yourself”

“Darling, you’re lucky I’m limiting myself to the one!”

I hear that comment quite often. One day I decided that I was tired of people commenting on my chocolate habit so I did some research. Did you know that chocolate is almost a health food?

Well, perhaps it isn’t quite as healthy as I’d like it to be but at least I can justify my obsession in the face of all those objections. I have compiled this list of the benefits of chocolate so that you too can have a ready response next time someone looks snidely at your chocolate stash.

I should also mention that no chocolate was harmed in the process of my research although a few blocks were demolished.

The good things chocolate does for you:

  1. The Hershey Research centre did a study on cocoa vs. fruit powders. The results showed that chocolate has more antioxidants and flavonoids, especially dark chocolate.
  2. Chocolate is good for the mood. It causes the body to produce endorphins, which stimulate the pleasure center of the brain.
  3. Nutritionists say that chocolate is not fattening if eaten in moderation.
  4. Chocolate protects against heart disease and cancer. It’s all those little antioxidants in there that are doing you good.
  5. If you’re really worried about putting on weight , try drinking cocoa instead of eating chocolate, since it generally has a much lower fat content.
  6. There are properties in chocolate that reduce the likelihood of blood clots so that helps prevent stroke.
  7. Chocolate makes you live longer. Truly. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the study.
  8. It’s possible that chocolate helps ease the symptoms of menopause. Dark chocolate relaxes the body and can boost your immune system.
  9. We know that chocolate is essential for coping with PMS. Ask the many husbands who use it as a defence mechanism at that time of the month.
  10. Recent studies by Nestle say that chocolate can improve the health of the bacteria in your gut.

So, chocolate really can be good for your health. I should point out that the research refers to dark chocolate which has a high content of antioxidants and other minerals.

If you’d like some more technical detail, have a look at this.

Better Health Victorialists the following nutrients and tells us how they help our bodies:

• Protein – needed for cell maintenance and repair.
• Fat – varies, but chocolate is generally 30–45 per cent fat, of which about half is saturated fat.
• Vitamin E – a fat-soluble vitamin essential for cell membranes.
• Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium – minerals essential for strong bones and teeth.
• Iron – needed to form haemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying compound in blood.
• Caffeine and theobromine – nervous system stimulants.
• Copper – assists iron metabolism, formation of melanin (in hair and skin) and functioning of the central nervous system.
• Sugars – varies, but often make up about 50 per cent.
• Antioxidant phytochemicals (such as flavonoids) – cocoa beans, the main ingredient of chocolate (particularly dark chocolate), contain more than 600 plant chemicals, including antioxidants, that may protect against heart disease and cancer.

The Champagne Fairy.

When I was just a little fairy I had a problem. I couldn’t fly straight at all. My mother always said to me “Honey, you were born with two left wings.” She said that my theme song should be “Straighten up and fly right”.

I loved to fly, but I got into so many accidents that I ruined almost all of my tutus. One day I was flying to school and accidentally flew into the bushes. Another day I was helping my mother to do the shopping. As I hovered over the thistledown I flew into a bee and he chased us all the way home. My tutus all had holes in them and I always looked a little tattered.

I was not a successful fairy. I could talk the talk, but not fly the fly.

As I got older my flying skills worsened. I often ended up with my nose parked in a tree because I was checking out the boys while I flew. I grew to be quite at home in a bird’s nest (it took the birds longer to get used to my crash landings).

Eventually the time came when I had to grow up. It was time for me to graduate from fairy school. Sometimes I think they allowed me to graduate to ease the strain on their budgets. I sent so many flying instructors to the hospital with various injuries that I accidentally caused during my lessons that it was probably cheaper to get rid of me!

I am the shy type. If I could fly straight I think I would be braver, but I really prefer to hide among the flowers and just watch things happening. Unfortunately at graduation we all had to air-dance for the audience. My partner was already bruised from our practice sessions.

I will never admit to anyone how I got my hands on a whole bottle of champagne, but I did. I drank it all. It was for medicinal purposes only! By the time I drained the bottle I was feeling a whole lot better. I felt that I could do anything!

I dressed in my new gossamer gown and met my partner for the ceremony. We flew off together into the sunset as my parents proudly looked on.

I will tell you one thing. I can fly a whole lot better after a bottle of champagne than I can without it! At the ceremony I danced up a storm! Even my partner was impressed. I didn’t fly him over once! Before we left to go home the police moths asked me to fly the straight line. Guess what? I did it! I had never before flown so straight.

Now, this isn’t something I’d recommend. I wasn’t quite so pleased with myself the next morning. My wings were throbbing and droopy. I didn’t feel well at all. Champagne isn’t something that you can drink without paying the price! A fairy with a hangover is not a fairy at all – she’s got the temper of a wasp.

Now that I am older I am quite happy to fly crooked. I still get to where I am going but ooh the sights I see on my crooked flight path! Have I got some stories to tell you!

But they will have to wait for another day…

Masterchef – Live in Sydney

By Food Writer, Brian Steel

The Masterchef Live event débuted in Sydney last weekend with all the grandeur and flair of the TV show. The judges Matt, George and Gary; notable contestants Marion, and Adam; and famous chefs Donna Hay, Kylie Kwong, and Neil Perry were all there to launch the event. The weekend’s focus was the thrice daily Masterchef live show, emulating an episode. Whilst this was an impressive event, it was largely eclipsed by the quality and number of the chefs, shows, providores and demonstrations available in the food hall and the park.

During events like the Good Food Show, access to cooking demos comes at a significant extra cost. Throughout the Masterchef weekend, however, the sheer number, variation and calibre of demonstrations read like a who’s who of Australian Gastronomy. If you are seriously into your food, as well as the TV show, you could be forgiven for getting more excited by the prospect of being able to chat directly, and in an intimate setting, with the likes of Maggie Beer, Neil Perry, Peter Gilmore, Adriano Zumbo, Christine Manfield, Frank Comorra, Greg and Peter Doyle, Kylie Kwong, Warren Turnbull and Justin North, to name a few. This was possible at the ‘Grill a Chef’ and ‘How To?’ sessions. These same chefs, and more, then provided meaningful, and often interactive sessions at the seven other demonstration stages and cookery schools interspersed with more than 100 exhibitors showcasing the best of Australian produce and products.

The ‘Live’ event followed the same formula of the episodes: the judges interacting with the audience to select four contestants for the pressure test – a quail dish with a bean salad. There were two other stages featuring a number of children for a junior master chef challenge, ending with a ‘beat the chef’ omelette making task for another young audience member. Throughout the hour there were guest appearances by Marion and Adam to help with the pressure test, and Donna Hay setting the juniors ‘make a trifle’ challenge. Comic relief came in many forms – the most notable of which a collage which exploited each of the judges key traits: Matt’s fashion sense; George’s propensity to make up words, and Gary’s proclivity for overt emotion.

I remember Masterchef in the UK, before the reality TV explosion across the globe. Loyd Grossman, and his rather bizarre accent, hosting the same formula every week. Even then it was compelling viewing, and the winner was assured onward employment in the industry. However, the winners were by no means the recognise-in-the-street / household-name / watercooler-debate stars of today’s phenomenon. The last series finale broke all the records, and Masterchef is credited with getting people back into the kitchen, albeit with a new obsession with ‘plating up’.

Now a global brand – Masterchef is a modern marvel. You can sense the frenetic scrambling in the background as everyone jostles for a piece of the market share of what will likely be an enduring phenomenon, marking the beginning of a more food-focused, culinary enthusiastic population determined to de-glaze, chiffonnade, and macerate their way to fame and glory.

Brian Steel is a food writer and the brains behind Underground Gourmet.

The Life of a Stripper

By Marianne Cook

Most people are aware of strippers and that their job involves getting naked for entertainment. The common misconception is that strippers are “prostitutes in costume”. This is utterly wrong. What most people don’t know is what is involved in preparing for the job, and the day-to-day pitfalls faced.

The challenges faced when working as a professional stripper include dealing with society’s stereotype and negative misconceptions, safety and crowd control, time limit on career and earning potential, unethical industry operators.

Women who choose to work as strippers come from all walks of life. Many are single Mums, some are happily married, while others are looking to have a source of income while studying. Whatever the reason, stripping for a living is hard work.

A lot of strippers have a background in various forms of dance, and now that pole dancing classes have become so popular, many strippers get their start after having mastered the pole. Most commonly these days, any woman wanting to work as a stripper will get her start working at a strip club venue. It is here she can observe other strippers and learn basic “stripper” moves. Each stripper will then incorporate their own personality and style to develop their individual shows. When working in clubs becomes boring, many strippers will move into doing private bookings through an agency. Even more common these days is for strippers to combine club and private work to maximise their income.

Choreographing and rehearsing a show is somewhat difficult. A good stripper needs to be able to tailor her show according to her audience. Before presenting a new show strippers will familiarise themselves with the music, marking cues in the music for when each item of clothing should come off. Often they will have a basic format in mind, and create new moves and routine on the fly during a performance. Possessing this versatility and ability to improvise defines a good stripper versus a great showgirl.

Stripping is predominantly about “eye-candy”, looking good for clients. Clients are buying a sexy fantasy, this means a lot of work must go in to personal grooming and body maintenance for any stripper to be successful. Watching what you eat is vital, any extra kilos can’t be hidden when you get naked for a living.

Essential parts of daily body maintenance include keeping legs and underarms hair free, neatly trimmed and shaped pubic hair, all over tan and of course regular exercise to keep their body slim and toned. Any stripper that doesn’t maintain a strict regime of body maintenance will soon find their earning potential drop dramatically.

However, the challenge of keeping up with a fairly intensive body maintenance schedule is not the worst part of being a stripper. Personal safety, the stripper stereotype and avoiding unethical agents/venues are by far the worst issues faced by a professional stripper.

Strippers use a variety of tactics for crowd control when doing private bookings. Most important is to conduct themselves professionally. A professional attitude counteracts the misconception of strippers being promiscuous, an easy target for guys looking more than a show. It is also an essential component in keeping a crowd of drunken males in line and encourages them to show respect. Humour also heads off a lot of potential problems, as does the presence of a security chaperone.

The unfortunate truth is the stripping industry is fraught with dodgy operators. Agents and clubs prepared to do anything to make a dollar, most often to the detriment of the strippers who perform. Strippers must be savvy and have a keen sense to pick the right people to work with.

Given that the average career span for a professional stripper is 5-7 years, it’s important to have a game plan in place and work towards retirement goals. Smart women use stripping as a means to an end. A source of income while studying, a way to develop contacts and network to further their own interests.

Despite the fact the downside to stripping, many women use it to successfully create a springboard for alternative career and life achievements.

Author Bio: Marianne Cook is the owner and founder of XXXTC Strippers & Showgirls. XXXTC was founded in 2008 in response to many complaints from showgirls regarding the use of unethical practices within the industry, and the use of intimidation to compel them to succumb to unfair pay and working conditions. It has fast become Melbourne’s leading adult entertainment agency, and the agency of choice to showgirls who desire to work with a dedicated and professional team. Showgirls are treated with respect and professionalism, clients receive unsurpassed levels of customer service.

One Week to go until MasterChef Live!

MasterChef Live

This year’s most anticipated event from Australia’s hottest TV series, MasterChef Live, is now just one week away, and with only a few days left until Christmas, our world famous chefs, experts, growers and producers are lining up to deliver a MasterChef Live shopping extravaganza for all your Christmas buys.

From 10-12 December, thousands of foodies will descend on Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, Royal Hall of Industries and Moore Park for three action-packed days of non-stop cooking action and entertainment. Budding cheflings will also have the opportunity to be the first to pre-register their interest in auditioning for Series Two of Junior MasterChef.

MasterChef Live will encompass a live theatre show that will bring the MasterChef experience alive with judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston in a 60 minute cook-off complete with appearances from Donna Hay and some of the favourite MasterChef contestants including Adam, Marion and just announced – Julie from Series One.

The Festival of Cooking will feature a number of hands-on experiences with four demonstration stages and over 100 exhibitors offering the chance to taste the best produce and the perfect place to shop for those last minute Christmas presents.

Other features include:

Demonstration Stages: See what it’s like to be a contestant for a day. Watch and learn from the professionals and learnmore about ingredients and develop new skills under the guidance of world renowned chefs including Mark Best, Donna Hay, Neil Perry, Kylie Kwong, Peter Gilmore, Tony Bilson, Giovanni Pilu, Justin North and more*.

Cookery Schools: Choose from the Sydney Seafood School, Herbies Spice,Brassiere Bread, Patisse Pastry Cooking School with Vincent Gadan, and the Cheeky Food Group as these culinary masters take their schools off site for the first time.

How to?: ‘QuickTips’ zoneswill teach guests the tricks of the trade, from how to cook with the right oil, choosing the right knife, how to chop an onion and more – all taught by the professionals.

Grill a Chef: Intimate Q&A sessions will give visitors the low down on life in the kitchen and the chance to literally ‘grill’ chefs including the likes Neil Perry and Tony Bilson for all their tips and secrets.

Junior MasterChef: For the kids, there is a whole dedicated Junior MasterChef area including a herb garden, flower display, kids cookery school and demonstrations from the likes of Anna Gare and Guillaume Brahimi.

Shop: Fit in some Christmas shopping at the festival.Browse through a number of gourmet ingredients from boutique suppliers and providore stalls such as the Australian Certified Organic Market. Taste and purchase some of the finest, organic, Australian-produced foods and beverages. Learn all you need to know about organic foods from chefs, nutritionists and growers.

Date: 10-12 December 2010
Time: Festival of Cooking opening hours

Friday & Saturday: 10am – 7pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm

Theatre Show Times
Friday – 11am, 1:30pm, 7pm
Saturday – 11am, 1:30pm, 4pm
Sunday – 11am, 1:30pm, 4pm

Location: Hordern Pavilion, Royal Hall of Industries and Moore Park, Sydney

Tickets: Start at $55 and include a seat in the theatre show and access to the Festival of Cooking www.ticketek.com.au.

For further information, visit www.mastercheflive.com.au

Dead Sea Mud

The Dead Sea is really not dead at all. It is an amazing environment that is pure and clean and rich in minerals. In fact, it has the highest concentration of minerals in the world. The high salt content of this inland sea means that only the toughest plants and creatures can survive. That means that there is very little interference with the environment and so it has a purity like nowhere else on earth.

Dead Sea Mudis made of the wonderfully rich sedimentary clay from the banks of the Dead Sea. It is full of minerals that are excellent for the skin. Dead Sea Mud has a reputation for healing skin conditions like eczema but also for its moisturising properties.

You can buy Dead Sea Mud from www.deadsea.com.au, the only authorised online seller in Australia. Spread it over your body and see how good it is.

Easter Bunnies for Me?

This is a little reminder that Easter is coming. I know how much you love me so let me give you a little hint about what I want.

This is it. Isn’t it cute?

This is the Bunny Boxfrom Rainbow Designs and I want one. I don’t mind which colour you choose as long as I get one.

The Bunny Boxis even sparkling with glitter – perfect for the diva in me. They measure 27cm x 15cm x 7cm deep and come with 700g of melt in the mouth Easter eggs (milk chocolate, caramel, peppermint, & strawberry)

Just looking at them makes me want chocolate!

Now off you go. Hop off to Rainbow Designsand order me one. xx