Cointreau Blush – delicious

If you have been looking for a new drink for summer then Cointreau has theblush answer. They have come up with a delicious new way to use Cointreau and it is yum. Ms FeetUp LOVES this drink. It even matches her dress slippers!

The drink is a cocktail called Blush after the lovely pink colour. It is refreshing and has just the right amount of alcohol to give the drink a nice kick. It is perfect at the end of a long, hot day or even at the great Aussie BBQ. It is great for the image. Ms FeetUp says that it makes her look sophisticated and classy especially in the tall glass and topped with a slice of lime.

You don’t need an excuse to drink this but it would be great for a girls night, hens night or even a night on the couch in front of a chick flick. It is a very feminine drink, not just for the colour but for the freshness of flavour, too.

It is simple to make. Ms FeetUp suggests that you get your favourite male to mix it for you while you recline elegantly on the sofa.

  1. Put ice into a tall glass
  2. Add 30ml Cointreau
  3. Add 10ml Lime juice
  4. Top with 60ml Pink grapefruit
  5. Finish with 70ml Soda
  6. Stir well
  7. Add a lime wedge as a garnish

Go out and grab the ingredients and try it for yourself. Then come back here and let us all know what you think of it.

Borne Naked Bag Liners

q2I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the quality of the Borne Naked bag liners. They are really well made of sturdy clear plastic and they have pockets inside them to keep your smaller items safe and secure.

There is nothing worse than fishing around at the bottom of your bag looking for a lipstick, is there?

Somewhere under all those tissues, notepads, cosmetic cases and so on you eventually locate it but there goes a fingernail in the process!

With the Borne Naked liner you can see where everything is because it is clear. How sensible is that? With the liner, all you need to do is to put all your necessities into it and then you transfer the whole lot from one bag to the next without losing anything. What a clever invention. Of course, it makes the excuse “I left it in my other bag” defunct so we will all have to think up something new.

The liners come in 3 sizes so they will fit most bags. You will be organised and de-cluttered before you know it!

I just have to mention the zipper, too. I love the little “B” that is the zip tag. What a lovely touch.

You can win one of two Borne Naked Liners this month. Just check the competition page.

We think this product is so useful that we should all have one. Definitely a 5 cherry rating winner. 5c1

Sweet Sentiments Cards

Sweet Sentiments is a unique range of cards that are just lovely. They are pure and innocent yet cheeky and appealing, too. They are based on sentiments ~ love, friendship, motivation, inspiration, encouragement and empathy, hence, the name.

We were able to touch and feel the cards so we can tell you that they are very good quality. The cardstock is firm but not hard. It is very clear white so the images stand out clearly and it is the images that really make these cards special.


How cute are they? My favourite is the Bug-a-lugs card. Those ladybugs are so sweet.

The cards are very affordable too at $4.90 including postage and handling.

We gave Sweet Sentiments a 5 cherry rating! 5c

Grab the cards from

Wine Wipes

compact-blackWhat a clever idea. Who thinks of these things?

In this case it was obviously a red wine drinker who had a brainwave after drinking. (Don’t all the best ideas arrive after a drink or two?)

This is a handy little compact that fits easily into your purse. It holds 20 individual wipes. They are moist and ready to rub on your teeth to remove those tell-tale red wine stains that are left behind. (Sometimes you just have to hide the evidence, don’t you?)

The wipes are soaked with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, calcium and Glyycerin to form a combination that removes stains easily. They are very gently abrasive which removes the stain.

You can use these to remove other stains but they have a slightly salty taste if you aren’t drinking your red wine. There is no taste that will interfere with the taste of the wine, which is great.

This is a 5 cherry rating winner! 5c
Available from Wine Wipes Australia

Escape Mugs by realmums

small__09_10_2007_11_41_IMG_escapeMUGwebSome mornings when you wake up you need something strong to get you going (and I don’t mean your special hottie partner)

This mug is great. I actually own two so that when one is being washed I don’t have to resort to lesser mugs. This is a BIG mug. It holds 380 mls. It has a good square handle that will fit even the shakiest of morning grips.

The cartoon is funny. “I keep hitting escape but I am still here” is something that every mum will relate to.

Best of all this is dishwasher proof and the cartoon just doesn’t fade. My mugs have been tested and retested and passed with flying colours.

Definitely deserving of its 5 cherry rating. 5c

Available from Realmums.

Roadtesting: New Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner by Sunsilk

sunsilkI admit that I’m not so great when it comes to looking after my hair. A lack of time and motivation means I reach for whatever products are on hand, leave the house before it is perfectly dry, soak it in too hot water too often; basically my poor hair is mistreated and malnourished. So, like many of you, I suffer from a tragic case of frizz and flyaways which only worsens with Spring’s temperamental weather – wind, humidity, dryness – all exacerbating the issue. So this past month I’ve been road-testing Sunsilk’s recently released Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner.

Meant for frizzy, curly hair, they pledge to smooth the frizz and tame the flyaways for 24 hours. The shampoo contains your expected gentle cleansers. The frizz fighting ingredients come in the form of silicones which are not for all hair types but in this case they smooth the hair, weigh it down (desirable for the fly-away prone) and also aid in protecting your hair from heat damage if you tend to style it each day. For everyday use this is fine – just make sure to use a clarifying shampoo every now and then to get rid of any buildup (though Sunsilk says this will be minimal) and treat yourself to a intense moisturizing treatment occasionally too. Also aiding in taking care of the frizz is the addition of Glycerin which attracts moisture to the surface of your hair. The conditioner also contains an ingredient (cetrimonium chloride in case you were wondering) that helps to prevent fly-aways specifically caused by static in cold, dry air. The added bonus is that this is unlikely to build up in your hair.

.During my personal test I did find an improvement from the first wash. My hair felt much softer immediately and the fragrance – which reminded me of citrus and apples – was fresh. There’s not much in the shampoo and conditioner that would be of concern to any but the most sensitive of skin/hair types. I estimate that my frizziness and flyways improved by about 50% by the next (non-wash) day. So the product has not eradicated the issue completely but my hair is definitely better. For an inexpensive, supermarket brand I’d recommend it is worth a trial for those will a moderate case of unruly tresses

Wrtiiten by: Sarah Willcocks – Style Melbourne

The Cherry Ratings – Oz Material Girls


What a nice little find this store is. It is called Oz Material Girlsand it is full of more materials than you can even imagine.

They stock every conceiveable kind of material as well as organisers, accessories and kits for adults and children.

1250715-1Isn’t this cute? You can make it yourself because it comes in kit form. It is a Sew Your Own Softie

The shop stocks funky fabric and patterns – including some by Saffron Craig and Melly & Me, Make it Perfect, and quilt kits too. I love the new kids ‘sew your own kits.

Check out the novelty fabrics – the dalmation dogs and Winnie the Pooh. There is a fabric for all your sewing needs.

As a bonus you can win $50 free material just by spending $50. How good is that?

If you love sewing then you need to see this store. It is an Aladdin’s cave of material treasures.

Deserving of its 5 cherry rating.


The Cherry Ratings – Custom Tees



Just in time for Fathers Day! Check out the Special Offer page, too!

Custom Tees is a great online store. I am so glad that I have found it.

The store is new so it is still being stocked but already it has a great range of tees to choose from.

teeThe best thing is that it stocks designs that most men will love but it caters for women and children too. There is a good range of sizes available especially in the men’s range which goes to 5XL. The women’s range stops at a 16 so the size choice isn’t as extensive.

The tee is of lovely quality. It is well made and the printing is excellent. The sizing is generous.

What I love most is that I can now find a mans tee which has a decent image on it instead of just some sporting brand’s logo!

As a bonus, $1 from every shirt goes to charity regardless of any discount code usage – choose from McGrath Foundation, Kids with Cancer, Beyond Blue and Greenpeace.

Highly recommended!

The Cherry Ratings – La Femme Boutique

photosanne-052Wow, aren’t these earrings just gorgeous?

They are handmade by Rachel Moore of La Femme Jewellery.

Ok, so my photo isn’t great!

They are made of sterling silver and feature beautiful droplets of faceted citrines. They look delicate and lovely. The citrine colour contrasts well with the shiny silver which reflects the colour back. The silver has a hammered surface to it which helps capture the colour of the citrines as you will see in the pic.

The earrings arrived in a gorgeous package complete with ribbon and flower decoration. The earrings were packed in a pink satin bag which was tucked carefully inside the parcel.

Presentation – lovely! The product —beautiful!

picture1Visit La Femme Boutique to see Rachel’s other handmade pieces.

Fully deserving of a 5 Cherry rating


The Cherry Ratings – Pink Hibiscus


We reviewed some products by Pink Hibiscus in our last edition. We are lucky enough to be able to test another of their delightful products this month, and that is the Eyelights Eye Balm.

This is another winner. I believe that every woman should have a pot as her secret weapon. This balm is enriched with Cucumber and Chamomile extracts. It also contains Vitamins A and E.

The balm is light and easily spreadable which is essential when working on the 1173290-1delicate eye area. The cucumber is soothing and cooling which would be great in summer, too.

The balm is unscented so will not cause irritation to your eyes.

We think you should all have a secret stash of Eyelights Eye Balm especially for those mornings when you are feeling a little sluggish. Great value, like all the Pink Hibiscus products, at only $18.

Definitely a 5 Cherry winner.