A Little Bridesmaid Bling?


The new film “Bridesmaids” is out and we thought it was time to pay some respect to all the hard working bridesmaids who hold weddings together with sheer will and humour.

The film is a funny tale of Anne, a maid of honor, who really doesn’t quite know what to do or how to manage the oddballs who are the bridesmaids. She’s broke and somehow has to work her way through all the expensive pre-wedding celebrations, not to mention manage to pay for her dress and so on.

It made us think about how underappreciated some bridesmaids are. They really do deserve some form of acknowledgement, dont’ they?

Miabelle has a stunning range of enamel jewellery that would be just perfect as a thank you gift. Yes, you know me. I love colour and the enamel on these pieces gives a beautiful clear burst of colour.

These pieces are made of sterling silver and enamel and then set with semi-precious stones. Just have a look at the stunning colours in these pieces.


The enamel is handpainted and then the jewellery is set with gems that may include garnet, citrine, topaz, rhodolite, quartz, onyx and more.

s3Every time I look at these pieces I change my mind about the ones I would choose. I started off drooling over the vivid enamel colours but I think I have now fallen for the classic elegance of black and white.

But, I guess it isn’t my opinion that matters. It’s your bridesmaids who count and I know there will be something in this lovely range that they will appreciate. Go on, give them a thank you gift that really acknowledges the work they put into making your day special.

By the way, does anyone need a bridesmaid? Ms FeetUp volunteers!

Visit Miabelle to see the complete range and to find a stockist near you.