Exercise in your sleep Hypnotherapy CD from Cas Therapy…..


By Leanne Campbell, Passion Media Productions.

I have recently been working on losing weight and I because I have had major back problems from multiple injuries, I find that exercise options are very limited for me. So I thought why not give this hypnotherapy CD by Cas Willow a try….I thought to myself it can’t hurt  but if it works it would be FREAKING AWESOME!

So basically what I did was have a session with Cas to implant the exercise into my subconscious and then every night I play the CD when I go to bed. At first I wasn’t noticing much of anything but as the days went on I started noticing I was waking up feeling much more refreshed….a few days later I was waking up and feeling awesome! 1 week later I am now waking up and I feel refreshed when I wake up, energetic, positive and feeling the need to be productive!

Now your thinking it doesn’t get any better than that! But WAIT THERE’S MORE! ha ha ha after two weeks I am now feeling fitter and I feel like finding ways to do bits of exercise during my day. I am dancing while I iron and getting my heart rate up! Is that enough for you now??? Well not for me! I then found clothes started to fit me better and I went and weighed myself and I’d lost 1kg in a week from my last weigh in and because my that time of the month is due and I always carry almost 4kgs extra in the days before (I am due wed) I know I have lost over 1kg in a week just from listening to the CD!

I am so excited because finally something is helping me! I know it’s weird and I know it shouldn’t work but it does for me and besides all the other side effects have been tremendous! I have had insomnia and depression for years and I was always wake up tired and feeling sad so to wake up and feel awesome and refreshed and Happy! I believe it is worth it just for that alone besides the weight loss!

Yes! I feel like exercising way more now and I feel great when I do it! I am approximately 70kgs overweight and let’s face it anything that inspires a morbidly obese woman to shake her arse has got to be good! I wanted to sit down all the time and now I just want to move it! move it! I couldn’t be happier!

ps. Added bonus……feeling happy etc. has made me more efficient and improved my business!

People that know me and all the things I have tried (what haven’t I tried!) have started noticing what’s going on and telling me they can see it! Do I recommend this product?? The answer has to be HELL YEAH!

Leanne Campbell

Passion Media Productions